About Liquid Sun Orchetsra - the live Band

With hypnotic rhythms, fiery copper sounds and powerful vocals, these Rotterdam based messengers of the sun are a true sensation wherever they settle: from Zwarte Cross to the Ghent Festival and the Popronde. This team draws on various musical sources. Between a mix of jazz, funk, soul, dub and reggae, the Nigerian grandmaster Fela Kuti is the common thread. Liquid Sun Orchestra is formed by different generations, hailing from different corners of the world. Together they make you sizzle with energy. Standing still is not an option!


Bie – gitaar, Luca – lead vocals, Paul – percussie, Tijs – drums, Marco – basgitaar, Sebastiaan – toetsen, Oliver – tenor sax, Ruud – trompet, Hans – bariton sax, Erik van Geer – tenor / alt sax, Eric – trombone, Paul Berk - baritone

  Oliver van Gulik   tenor sax

  Luca Warmer   Vocals

  Sebastiaan   Toesten

  Marco de Meijer   Bass

  Paul Nispen   Percussie

  Erik van Geer   bassax

  Bie Muusze   Guitars

  Paul Berk   Bariton en locatiescout

  Wim Kentie   Adviseur

  Pieter Klaassen   Muziek

  Djai Kalicharan   Camera

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